We come from the land of Square Shaped States,
Got pork and beans on paper plates, Silver spurs on our inline skates.
 It's all natural, nothin's fake out here in the land where you decide your fate, 
 Out here in the land of Square Shaped States.

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  Downbeat, September 2011
  Pandora's Box Review
  ***1/2 (Three and 1/2 stars)
'These nine musicians, offering all original tunes on their fifth album, might be
graduates of Ken Kesey's Acid Tests of the mid-'60s who have been transported
across time to the present.  Along the way, they picked up influences ranging
from globalists Paul Horn and Oregon to adventurous rock bands It's A Beautiful
Day and Joy of Cooking to Ken Nordine's word-jazz.
 Keeping listeners off guard, the Denver-based Coyote Poets loosely fit the
contemporary jam-band mold even as "Blood and Bones" and "Quittin' Time"
rumble with a blues heft unattainable to many conventional blues bands.'

Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat, September 2011
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Thanks to the folks at ZoneMusicReporter
for nominating 'Pandora's Box' for
'Best Groove/Chill Album - 2012'!
We are very honored!

Music from our CD 'Pandora's Box'

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